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Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices at Marina Middle School

Sheri De Carlo is our Marina Middle School, Restorative Practices leader:

"Restorative practices promote strengthened relationships and community building while providing meaningful and supported opportunities for students to be held accountable and take responsibility for making their school community a safe and nurturing environment."

We are shifting the way we think about student discipline and school climate:

Traditional: School rules are broken
Restorative: People and relationships are harmed

Traditional: Justice focuses on establishing guilt
Restorative:Justice identifies needs and responsibility

Traditional: Accountability = punishment
Restorative: Accountability = understanding impact and repairing the harm

Traditional: Justice directed at the offender; the victim ignored
Restorative: Offender, victim and school all have direct roles in justice process

Traditional: Rules and intent outweight whether outcome is positive or negative
Restorative: Offender is responsible for harmful behavior, repairing harm and working positive outcomes

Traditional: Limited opportunity for expressing remorse or making amends
Restorative: Opportunity given to make amends and express remorse

For more information, link HERE.

More information

For more information contact Sheri DeCarlo at the link below.

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