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Library Rules & Procedures

Library Rules


  • Follow all school rules within the library

    • No cell phone use without permission

    • Respect for peers, teachers, and guests

  • Respect for library procedures and for library property

    • ​Return checked out materials to the circulation desk drop box​

    • Leave all books used within the library on the cart at the circulation desk

  • Demeanor appropriate for the setting 

    • Use quiet voices at all times within the library

    • Commitment to the purpose for using the library (for instance, students on a pass from a teacher to do work must stay on task)
  • Consume all food and drink outside the library

  • Take all of your personal items with you, push chairs in, and use receptacles to deposit trash and recycling before leaving the library

  • Computers are reserved for access to the online library catalog during library class

    • Computer use is with permission only at all other times

Check Out Procedures


  • Present your student body card at check out, or provide your first and last name

  • The maximum number of materials that can be checked out at any time is 3 items

  • There are no overdue fines, but students must pay for lost or damaged materials

Computer Procedures


  • Computer use, outside of library class, is with the librarian's permission only, and is reserved for students working on school-related assignments

    • Students may not use library computers to access email, instant messaging, or other personal communications

    • Students may not alter default settings, and may not download, install or remove any software from a library computer

  • Protect your password(s). Never share your password or computer access with others

  • Use your SchoolLoop to logon 

  • Log off when you are finished using the computer

  • If you need to print, load your document onto a USB drive and bring the drive to Ms. Campbell, or share your document through GoogleClassroom with Ms. Campbell at

Reserving the Library

  • The library is available for class projects, class visits and silent sustained reading sessions

  • To reserve the library, contact the library at x3208 or email Donna Campbell,

  • Instructors, substitutes, aides and paras must be present when the class is in the library