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Key Dates!

Important SFUSD Enrollment Dates

Mark your calendar! SFUSD has announced some key dates for the upcoming school enrollment cycle. 

October 13, 2018, 9:00am-2:00pm: SFUSD Enrollment Fair at O'Connell High School

January 11, 2019: SFUSD application deadline.

December 6, 2017: Ruth Asawa SOTA deadline, 1st audition

December 14, 2017: Lowell High School deadline.

March 18, 2018: Offers mailed to families.

March 18 - April 5, 2018: Register at your offered school.

Quick Links

SFUSD Application Process

Learn about our CTE Academies


Lowell and SOTA

Applying to Lowell, learn more HERE.

Applying to Ruth Asawa SOTA, learn more HERE.

High School Information

Penguin Tip: In September, contact each individual high school you are interested in and ask about tour dates and whether or not they have a shadow day (a chance for your student to "shadow" another student and see what the school is like). Tour dates fill up quickly. Make sure to ask when sign ups are available. The current 8th Grade Counselor at Marina will have more information.

8th Graders

Looking for an updated SFUSD list for High Schools, Open Houses, Shadow Days, Tours, contact information? Link HERE.

SFUSD Enrollment Fair: Oct. 13, 2018

Key Enrollment Dates for 2019-2020 SFUSD School Year LINK



October 13, 2018

Enrollment Fair at O’Connell High School

November 13, 2018

Enrollment Workshop 1 of 4  5-6:30pm SFUSD-Board Room (Tuesday)

November 17, 2018

Enrollment Workshop 2 of 4  9-10:30am SFUSD-Board Room (Saturday)

December 1, 2018

Enrollment Workshop 3 of 4  9-10:30am SFUSD-Board Room (Saturday)

Dec. 6, 2018 3pm

SOTA Deadline 1st Audition in January

December 7, 2018

Enrollment Workshop 4 of 4  5-6:30pm SFUSD-Board Room (Friday )

December 14, 2018

9th Grade Lowell Application Deadline

January 11, 2019

Last day for families to submit an application for the 2019-20 School year.

Week of March 18th

Families who applied by January 11, 2019 will receive school offer letters.

March 18-22 &

April 1-5, 2019

Families register at school to accept their March 15th offer.

March 25-29, 2019


Slide presentation: "High School Night" PTSA Meeting 2017

Google Slides Presentation

PTSA High School Night: LINKS

Slide presentation below.


List of SFUSD High Schools LINK

List of SFUSD Charter Schools LINK

Key Dates LINK

Enrollment Fair LINK

CTE (Career Academies) LINK plus check out their Facebook page HERE

Lowell LINK

Ruth Aswa School of the Arts (SOTA) LINK

CTE Academies

For more information about the CTE Academies and to learn which High School offers which academy, click HERE.


What are CTE Academies? CTE academies expose students to different career fields, motivate them to think about their personal college and career path and integrate the development of 21st century pre-professional skills. CTE academies feature cross-curricular projects focused on specific career industry themes and academic topics. The Academy courses stress hands-on, project-based learning to provide a more authentic, real-world educational and work-based learning experience for students.

Examples include:

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Arts, Media & Entertainment

Business and Finance

Building & Construction Trades

Energy and Utilities

Engineering and Architecture

Health Science & Medical Technology

Hospitality, Travel & Tourism

Information & Communication Technology

Marketing, Sales & Services


PTSA High School Night: Oct. 14

Google Slides Presentation

Enrollment Updates

Click HERE to link to the SFUSD Enrollment Page with information about the Enrollment Fair, Guides and Key Dates for 2018-2019.

Quick Resources

Download a copy of this flyer for information on all our high schools and their individual touring schedules. LINK

Interested in Lowell, don't miss out on the Annual 8th Grade Night Open House in late October, date TBD

Interested in SOTA (Ruth Asawa SF School of the Arts), more information here, flyer LINK

PTSA HIgh School Night student panel
PTSA HIgh School Night student panel


There are 15 high schools in SFUSD. High schools do not have an attendance area like the elementary schools do. All high schools are city-wide schools. There is also no high school feeder system. You may list as many high schools as you like on your application. 

There is no guarantee that a student will be assigned to a particular high school. Learn more here about the application process HERE.

List of SFUSD High Schools

** Lowell H.S. & Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts (SOTA) are the only two high schools with additional application requirements.  Please see the links belows with information you need to know if you are applying to either of these two high schools:


Gateway High School
1000 Cayuga Avenue • 415-469-4090

655 De Haro Street • 415-643-6951