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Elective Classes

For most students, electives are offered every day.

  • Band and Orchestra are a full year commitment. 
  • Semester long electives include:  Computer Science, Health, Visual Arts and AVID (and in the 7th Grade Spanish).
  • 8th Grade electives are one semester each and include Computer Science, Drama, Journalism, Visual Art and AVID.

Technology Elective

The Computers and Technology elective is offered in 6th, 7th and 8th grades. The concepts get progressively harder and more complex as you move forward. Mr. Vong uses Student Vue and Goolge Classroom to coordinate homework and assignments.  


6th Grade Course 1 - MyCS Course Description:

In this introductory course, students will learn the foundational concepts and skills of computer science (CS). They will transition from being the consumers of technology to the creators of technology, and they will explore how to use the power of computers to solve big, real-world problems. The course is designed to be fun, engaging, relevant, collaborative, and creative. Students will build their understanding of computing concepts using many unplugged activities and will apply their understanding through creative projects in the Scratch programming language, where they will learn to make interactive stories, animations, music, drawings, games and Design Principles of Computer Science.


7th and 8th Grade Course 2 - App Inventor Course Description:

Course 2 is an intermediate Computer Science course designed for students who have already taken Course 1 (MyCS).  Students will deepen their understanding of computing concepts, and will continue to learn to design and develop real, downloadable apps for Android devices that will help other people.  A primary focus is helping students understand how CS can help us improve the world.  Students will make many types of apps, including games, drawing apps, soundboards, quizzes and slideshows.  In their final projects, students will apply design thinking to collaboratively develop an app that will be used for positive social impact, to address a community need or challenge. 

Visual Arts Elective

Example of projects


Canvas Dinnerware Artists:

Trenity Davis - 7th grade - blue bowl with pink flowers 

Susanna Feng - 6th grade - smallest green bowl

Chloe Thomas - 8th grade - Ecsher black and white hands

Jasmin Padilla - 7th grade - Monet on cup

Kate Matull - 7th grade - Large plate


Chinese New Year performance at SF City Hall, Feb. 2019

Orchestra Elective: Chad Ostwald, Orchestra Director